Eliza Parish


NC License #342031

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I am a strong believer that success is driven by consistency, determination, and the quality of education.  At a young age, I was taught the values of entrepreneurship, integrity, and hard work, and continue to carry those values throughout my everyday life and throughout my career.  My passion for real estate derived from watching home improvement shows, I was drawn to the uniqueness of each home and how greatly it reflected the owner’s personality.  One might describe it as finding a soulmate in a home; a home-mate, and I strive to match my clients with their home-mates. 

I am a proud alumnus of East Carolina University where I obtained a degree in Business Finance with a concentration in Real Estate.  Soon after, I moved to the city of Greensboro, NC where I now reside along with my beautiful daughter Starr and our dog Loki (yes, like the villain in Thor). With a background in finance and real estate investing, I am knowledgeable in multiple areas of business real estate and committed to making sure my clients are well informed while helping them achieve their goals. 

So, are you ready to find your new home-mate? Whether you’re looking for your home-mate or need help to sell yours, I would ask for you to entrust me to help you with your process. Let’s discuss this in more detail over a bite to eat!

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